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Corporate Engagement

Making a corporate contribution is a meaningful way to take a leadership role in improving the quality of life for children, youth and their families. Corporate engagement demonstrates that your business or company genuinely cares for the community.

Engagement Opportunities

Partnering with DCAF goes beyond a donation or sponsorship. There are a variety of ways a business or corporation can assist. You and your colleagues could initiate and plan a special event to support DCAF. This leads to employee engagement opportunities which are great ways to build your team spirit and improve employee morale. There is an exhaustive list of corporate engagement opportunities. Activations may include the following: speaking opportunities, social media, sampling and coupons, cause marketing and traditional logo placement. DCAF maximizes the ROI for all business and corporate supporters. An understanding of both organization’s goals and objectives is a great place to start. Let’s have a discussion to determine how this opportunity can benefit both organizations.

Contact Executive Director, Dennis Ullman to set-up a meeting and begin to explore the possibilities. Be sure to ask about Currency for Kids, a unique and innovative program. Together we are working to ensure that No Child Shall Be Left Behind.

Corporate Spotlight

When the negative impacts of COVID-19 were being experienced by children, youth and families, Compugen Finance Inc. immediately offered their support. The generous donation of laptop computers for over 50 families made a positive impact.  The laptops were desperately needed for students to participate in online learning and to enable divided families to stay connected.  Without Compugen’s support through the Green4Good program, many children living in vulnerable family situations would find themselves unable to complete their educational requirements or stay in contact with family. Subsequently, many would find themselves in devastating situations due to social/physical distancing.  As a result, the laptops reduced levels of fear and anxiety for children throughout Durham region. Compugen Finance Inc. and the Green4Good Program are helping to keep families united during challenging times. Thank you to Compugen Finance Inc.

Thanks to our Corporate Partners !

Durham Children's Aid Foundation is committed to bringing people and financial resources together to improve the quality of life for children and youth, and to help them reach their full potential.

Support Our Children

By supporting the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation (DCAF) you can help turn hope into reality, challenge into triumph and adversity into opportunity for over 2500 children, youth and their families.

There are many ways you can help to make a profound impact and change the life of a child. Your gift will help to ensure that No Child Shall Be Left Behind.

Donate to Help Kids

We Want to Thank Our Supporters

Durham Children’s Aid Foundations is pleased to acknowledge the commitment and ongoing support of our Innovators, Champions, Partners, Mentors and Donors who help to ensure that No Child Shall Be Left Behind.