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Currency for Kids

It is estimated that over $2 Billion in foreign currency is currently stored or saved in Canadian homes and businesses. This currency has no use or real value in Canada. Foreign currency, pennies, Canadian Tire money is found in bags, boxes, envelopes, tea cups, jars and desk drawers. Currency leftover from travels and vacations can be donated to Currency for Kids (CFK).

Donations of currency are repatriated from countries all around the world. After being converted to Canadian currency, the donation is used to support programs for children and youth living in vulnerable situations. In Durham Region, it is estimated that over
$35 Million in foreign currency is available for collection. Just imagine for a moment, what DCAF could do with this level of funding? Issues regarding youth homelessness and child welfare, children and youth living in poverty would be eradicated. Similarly to how Rotary International have helped to cure the spread of Polio on an international level. Everyone working together to support children in our communities.

How to Participate

Currency for Kids program is easy to support as an individual or with a group of volunteers. Look in your own home or business and collect the foreign currency. Help grow the program by engaging a local service club, church group, school, employee drive and other local organizations. Ask your local currency exchange, travel agency, hotel and friends who travel and businesses that work internationally to support. CFK also recycles by collecting and reducing waste. In addition, CFK helps to remove foreign currency from the Canadian currency supply. By removing foreign coins there is less confusion when determining if a coin is Canadian. Many coins from other countries do have a similar look as Canadian coins. These coins have a no monetary value in Canada. The donated coins and notes are put to an incredible use of supporting the community.

Where to Donate

Donations may be mailed to DCAF office at 1320 Airport Blvd, OSHAWA, ON L1J 0C6. No worries about using the postal system. The currency has no value at this time, the value is only realized after it is repatriated. For larger quantities, contact our office at 905.433.1551, Ext. 2379 and we can make arrangements for pick-up of the currency. Charitable Tax Receipts are available upon request, when the repatriated value exceeds $50.00 CDN.

Supporting Locations in Durham

Visit Cedar Valley Resort in Orono or Kingsway Hardware in Courtice. Additional locations being added soon.

Donate something that has little to no value to Currency for Kids and make a difference. Helping to make a difference and working to ensure that No Child Shall Be Left Behind. You can’t spend foreign currency in Canada.


For more information contact:
Dennis Ullman, Executive Director, Durham Children’s Aid Foundation or 905.433.1551 –  Ext 2379

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