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Stories of Hope

Technology for Youth

Dear Durham CAS Foundation,

My name is C F-R, I would like to say that I greatly appreciate your generosity for donating me a phone and laptop.  The phone has helped me connect with my family, friends and support and the laptop will help me with school work that I may need to do and it will allow me to bring the laptop home to do homework instead of having to wait until the next day to use the school computer.  I am really excited to use the laptop and enjoy using the phone to communicate with my mom and best friends.




There is a certain feeling you get when someone you have no idea existed, steps up and blesses you with the opportunity to help change lives for the better. You could say I had that ten-fold when I found out I was receiving the bursary provided by DCAF. It feels as if you have believed in me my whole life, which feels amazing.  I cannot begin to express to you how grateful I am for receiving this and I cannot wait to put it into use and begin to empower kids of all ages. I would like to formally thank you for blessing me with this bursary as it not only will help fuel my college studies, but it will allow me to take some of the financial burden away and really let me focus on what I need to do to help change lives for the better. Thank you again for such a beautiful act of generosity, selflessness and love. 

DCAF Recipient

Our Durham CAS Worker

Our case worker has been the most amazing source of support and assistance… She stands out as the one who really made us feel as though she was truly invested in our family and truly cares about us all. Understanding a very unique situation with our children during learning from home, she advocated for a laptop for our son to be able to do his school work on and the fact that DCAF was able to provide that to our family, is a blessing we never expected. We are so grateful for that support, I don’t think anyone could understand, and we do not have enough words to thank you. 

We were also blessed to receive a delivery of food while being quarantined at home and again, we are so grateful. With both parents in our home not working, and being so uncertain about how we will manage, this was a huge help to our family. We cannot say enough about the support we have received from Durham Children’s Aid Foundation during this very difficult time.

Meet Daniel

I’m going into my fourth year at the University of Guelph. I study International Development and hope to one day help reform prisoners or work for a non-for-profit, but who knows where this journey will take me. I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank-you for the scholarship that you have given me and the chance you have taken in order to help me in my education. As I have aged out of the system, I am now financially independent and any funds I receive are greatly appreciated and allow me to enjoy my university experience without having to work full time as well.

It is because of people like you that foster children will beat stigma and have the opportunity to be successful citizens within society.

Durham Children’s Aid Foundation (DCAF) is committed to collaborating with the community to enable equal opportunities for children, youth, and families, so that they may reach their full potential.

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