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Urgent and Critical Care Fund

Durham Children’s Aid Foundation receives a number of critical and urgent care requests. These requests are beyond the scope of services provided by child welfare services. In addition, the requests are not funded by any government support. The urgent needs are reported by Durham CAS Child and Youth workers. Every need for support is reviewed by DCAF Executive Director and the Board of Trustees. As a result, funding reviews are completed to ensure appropriate assistance is provided. Financial support is not paid out to the Durham Children’s Aid Society. The donor supported funds are paid directly to the vendors, counselors or schools.

Urgent and Critical Care Fund Requests:

  • Crisis intervention counselling for youth and family members who have suffered significant trauma.
  • Emergency financial support for food, urgent dental care and clothing for families and youth in transition. Youth transitioning out of care from the child welfare funding are 16 – 21 years of age.
  • Emergency support for youth living independently (i.e., shelter, educational supports)
  • Financial support for special family needs (i.e. funding for family outings) and Recreational activities (i.e. art therapy, sports, music)
Urgent and Critical Care
Medical and Dental Care

Comfort Kits – for Children

Special Comfort Kits make the transition into care of the Durham CAS a little easier for children.  These kits give children items to help them in the event a transition is required. The kits provide a pair of pajamas, a toy or book, some personal care products and a backpack. The kits may seem like a small gesture, but it is something for the children to call their own, and something they can carry their belongings in. They deserve so much more than a garbage bag. Comfort Kits for Children are partially funded through the generous support of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

Clothing Program

In partnership with popular clothing retailers, the Peel Children’s Aid Foundation and Refa’s Thrift Closet DCAF receives new clothing items for the children, youth and families.   DCAF manages the coordination of the clothing delivery and recruits volunteers to periodically set up the “pop up store”.

COVID Relief – Family Assistance Supporting Children and Youth

Family Assistance Program supporting children and youth is another way the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation provides funding assistance. This fund supported over 4200 children, youth and their families. Families struggle with anxiety, fear, uncertainty and stress due to limited financial support. As a result, families are experiencing reduced food supplies, a need for toys, protective masks and clothing. During COVID supporting children and youth is required as they are forced to spend additional time in vulnerable situations.

Due to a lack of productive activities, the potential for physical and sexual abuse increases. Children and youth need to communicate with family members through accessible technology. Unfortunately family members are often living in separated situations. Therefore, it’s important for children to communicate with their friends, parents and extended family. In addition, front-line workers require access through reliable communication to assist and encourage families. The use of technology is also required for online learning. Youth preparing for post-secondary school require reliable access to technology (i.e., laptop, WIFI).

The Family Assistance Program supporting children and youth is a necessity. Children and youth are not benefiting from after-school programs and other community services. With distancing restrictions in place, the pressure is a major concern. Families are struggling to deal with the negative impacts of the pandemic. Children and youth are experiencing the negative effects of social isolation and the lack of active opportunities. Children and youth need an opportunity to experience and enjoy leisure activities.

Special thanks to Durham United Way , the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Durham Community Foundation for their support.

Impact of Your Donation

DCAF requires your generous donation to provide essential support for front line assistance.

Your monthly donation of $50 helps provide much needed food.

$75 – $100 donations assist with expenses to keep homes safe and comfortable during this time of uncertainty.

Donation of $250 helps support an active/virtual activity for a child or youth.

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COVID Relief

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To make a donation visit Support Today. Your single or monthly gift will assist DCAF in giving hope by providing urgent and essential support when required throughout the year. #DCAFhelps

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