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Mental Health & Wellness

There are various programs available to address issues in regards to mental health and wellness. Over half the children (52%) have concerns with their physical, emotional or cognitive health or behaviour. DCAF is committed to provide support to address these concerns.


DCAF with the support of the RBC Foundation provides a Mentoring Program for youth. One-to-one mentoring is provided as they transition out-of-care and/or begin their post-secondary education. During these often difficult years, youth are able to consult with adult mentors who can provide encouragement and guidance. DCAF facilitates the process to recruit and train up to 50 adult mentors. Mentors support a selected cohort of crown wards aged 15-21 years old in CAS care. Mentors connect with youth a few times each month. Mentorships are based on a two year commitment. Workshops and other activities are also supported as well by DCAF. For more information about becoming a mentor contact our Executive Director.


DCAF provides support for counselling on behalf of children and families to help reduce the risk of abuse and neglect before they happen.   Funding support assists those children who are not in the direct care of Durham Children’s Aid Society. The hope is to prevent situations that require having to bring the children into direct care. A pro-active approach can make the difference between children staying with their family, or children having to be placed in care.

Independent Living

Most of us had some help from family, helping us make the transition to living independently. Many youth in the care of DurhamCAS have no family to help with finding, paying for and furnishing their first apartment. While the Ontario government provides funding to cover the cost of living for children in the care of CAS. There is very little support available once children turn 18.   With your assistance DCAF helps in building a future for youth, supporting independent living when necessary. Support also assists with the high costs associated with obtaining a post-secondary school education and transitioning directly to the workforce. DCAF provides financial assistance for youth moving on to independence to help purchase the necessities such as pots and pans, toiletries, and furniture.

Durham Children's Aid Foundation is committed to bringing people and financial resources together to improve the quality of life for children and youth, and to help them reach their full potential.

Support Our Children

By supporting the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation (DCAF) you can help turn hope into reality, challenge into triumph and adversity into opportunity for over 2500 children, youth and their families.

There are many ways you can help to make a profound impact and change the life of a child. Your gift will help to ensure that No Child Shall Be Left Behind.

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We Want to Thank Our Supporters

Durham Children’s Aid Foundations is pleased to acknowledge the commitment and ongoing support of our Innovators, Champions, Partners, Mentors and Donors who help to ensure that No Child Shall Be Left Behind.