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Camps for Kids

Camps for Kids offers a number of benefits to children and youth who are residing at home with their caregivers (parents or kin). It provides them with the opportunity to participate in a summer camp without the added stress on the families to obtain financial funding for the program.  Participation in Camps for Kids not only nurtures the opportunity to play but provides invaluable life lessons such as leadership skills building, development of interpersonal skills, responsibility, teamwork and respect for others.  Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. As children master their world, play helps children develop new competencies that lead to enhanced confidence and the resiliency they will need to face future challenges. Thanks for the gift of play.

A 20 year old youth ambassador with the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation was asked about her experience with the Summer Camp program, she replied:

“I can’t even begin to explain how much camp changed my life.  There was one councillor in particular who made everything fun and she taught me that it’s okay to stand out and be myself.”

She is now studying social work at Humber College

Durham Children's Aid Foundation is committed to bringing people and financial resources together to improve the quality of life for children and youth, and to help them reach their full potential.

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