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For many years the Durham Children’s Aid Society operated a Children’s Fund.

Historically speaking, the initial fund assisted with supports for children and youth. As some of the essential needs were not covered by government funding. However, the need for programs and services grew considerably over the years. As the Durham Children’s Aid Society celebrated one hundred years of service and prepared to move into the next century, the Board of Directors undertook the initiative to create a separate Foundation. As a result, in June 2004 the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation (DCAF) became an official registered charitable Foundation.

More over, the Foundation (DCAF) would finance the growing needs of non-government funded support for important programs and services. In the past few years, DCAF has expanded it’s mandate to support children, youth and families throughout the Durham region. The majority of those being served are in the care of Durham Children’s Aid Society. However, DCAF also supports children and youth who are receiving support from Durham CAS or are in need in the community. In conclusion, all programs and services support children and youth living in vulnerable family situations.

Today the history is still being written, as the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation (DCAF) supports over 4000 children, youth and their families throughout Durham region. DCAF supports a variety of essential programs for children and youth. Most recently, DCAF introduced a Positive Transitions for Youth program. This program includes the relaunch of Mentoring for Success. In 2022, the Own Your Story program, providing horseback riding was added to benefit children in the community.

Help DCAF support the next chapter in it’s history by Giving Hope through your donations.

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Durham Children’s Aid Foundation (DCAF) is committed to collaborating with the community to enable equal opportunities for children, youth, and families, so that they may reach their full potential.

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By supporting the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation (DCAF) you can help turn hope into reality, challenge into triumph and adversity into opportunity for over 4000 children, youth and their families.

There are many ways you can help to make a profound impact and change the life of a child. Your gift will help to ensure that No Child, Youth or Family Shall Be Left Behind.

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Durham Children’s Aid Foundations is pleased to acknowledge the commitment and ongoing support of our Innovators, Champions, Partners, Mentors and Donors who help to ensure that No Child, Youth or Family Shall Be Left Behind.