Holiday Hope

Help us put HOPE back into the Holiday Season!

On November 1st the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation will launch its annual Holiday Hope gift hamper program in support of 2,000 children across Durham region.  Each hamper will include an age-specific toy, an item of new clothing and a food voucher.  The hampers are distributed to over 700 families across Durham throughout December.

How can you help?

We need individuals like yourself to sponsor a gift hamper for a child/youth in need.  We will provide you with the first name and age of the child or youth and also what their interests are to help you put the gift hamper together.

If you’re unable to put a hamper together, please consider a donation:

  • For $130, DCAF can build one gift hamper for a child/youth.
    For $400, DCAF can build a gift hamper for an entire family.

In a very busy time, please know that by supporting our Holiday Hope program, you are demonstrating the true meaning of the season. If you have any questions pertaining to our program, please contact Leslie McLean at either 905.433.1551/ 1.800.461.8140, ext. 2409, or